SASS Fit’s Holiday Tips

1. ENJOY YOURSELF AND ENJOY THE COMPANY! One day of holiday celebrating isn’t going to derail you. The problem is when it trickles over to the weekend and then the December holiday parties. Next thing you know you’re starting all over after the New Year. Let this be the year that you “allow” yourself to have a good time on Thanksgiving Day and then get right back on track.

2. WHAT HOLIDAY TREATS ARE YOU CRAVING? Think about the treats that you have been looking forward to and start with those. You don’t have to eat Aunt Ruth’s green bean casserole because it’s a tradition. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t eat it. You’re an adult so this means you can start your meal with a dessert if you’d like. Pie taste just as good as an appetizer as it does a dessert.

3. STAY HYDRATED! Chances are you’ll gain some water weight from all the extra goodies. Drinking more water than usual will actually help flush out the water weight gain. It will also help with digestion.

4. PUT THAT FOOD TO USE! Can you say leg day? I love the energy I have at the gym the day after a feast and I will usually put it to good use by doing a leg and glute gym routine, like this or this.

5. STOP THE GUILT! Seriously, guilt doesn’t get you back on track, all it does is make you feel worse about yourself. Move on and get back to the food and activities that will help YOU get your SASS back!


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